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万博官网manbetxapp登陆Distech Controls庆祝与AHR 2020社交成立25周年


Brossard,加拿大 - 2020年1月31日-万博官网manbetxapp登陆is excited to announce its 25th anniversary as a company connecting people with intelligent building solutions through forward-thinking technologies and services. Over the years, the company has experienced significant growth internationally, with sales divisions and regional offices strategically located in North America, Europe, Asia, Australia and the Middle East.

万博官网manbetxapp登陆Distech Controls拥有超过500个授权系统集成商和经销商的全球网络,为多个市场段提供产品和解决方案。manbetx合法嘛这些解决方案为更深层次的所有者,乘员和租户体验创建连接的空间,同时提供改进的建筑系统效率和用于建筑控制,维护和运营需求的成本效益整合。为了庆祝周年纪念日,Distech Controls团队在AHR E万博官网manbetxapp登陆xpo 2020期间已经计划了活动和活动,扩大了AHR社区与他们一起庆祝。

"Without the long-standing team at Distech Controls, we wouldn’t be where we are today. The team continues to listen to not only the market, but our customers. We use the insights to develop new innovative products that can scale to meet the needs of building owners and facilities managers globally,” said Martin Villeneuve, President of Distech Controls.
为其25周年开球,公司将展出AHR Expoin Orlando, Florida from February 3-5, 2020 in the Orange County Convention Center’s West Hall, booth number 881. The following technology innovations will be on display: the ECYLPSE Controller Series (supports smart building controls for unified HVAC, lighting and shades control), the UNIWAVE (wireless room interfaces) and the myPersonify Workplace (an app which connects to the Building Management System (BMS) to provide employees with more workplace connectivity).

Additionally, Distech Controls is hosting a25周年网络鸡尾酒招待会星期二,2月4日,2020年下午7点。在奥兰多的月亮嚎叫。所有AHR世博会参与者都被邀请了RSVP这里参加

“To our industry friends, customers, SIs and distributors, please to join us in celebrating the 25th anniversary of Distech Controls while at AHR. We look forward to welcoming you at the reception,” said Villeneuve.

在过去的25年中,来自Distech Controls的解决方案已经从房间传感器和控制万博官网manbetxapp登陆器演变,用于调光灯,并向连接到BMS的联网控件感测占用,为设施管理器提供数据,以监视设施或建筑物所有者扩展到扩展租户与萨斯为基础的服务。更新带新技术的建筑设施可以在提供设施的节省的能源消耗中提供显着减少,从而减少了业务的环境足迹。酒店,高校,医疗机构,商业建筑等行业积极使用Distech Controls Technologies创建智能,连接的空间,并改善其内部的乘客和租户体验。万博官网manbetxapp登陆


点击此处rsvpfor the Networking Cocktail Event or to schedule a meeting in advance at the AHR booth.

关于Dist万博官网manbetxapp登陆ech Controls.

万博官网manbetxapp登陆Distech控制连接有智能的人building solutions through our forward-thinking technologies and services. We partner with customers to deliver innovative solutions that can provide better health, better spaces, and better efficiencies. Our passion for innovation, quality and sustainability guides our business, which serves multiple market segments through worldwide business divisions, service offices and a superior network of Authorised System Integrators and Distributors. Distech Controls, Inc. is a subsidiary of Acuity Brands Lighting, Inc. For more information


Acuity Brands,Inc。(纽约证券交易所:AYI)是北美市场领导者,也是世界领先的照明和建筑管理解决方案提供商之一。截至2019财年净销售额为37亿美元,敏锐品牌目前雇用了大约12,000名员工,总部位于佐治亚州亚特兰大,拥有北美和欧洲和亚洲的运营。The Company’s products and solutions are sold under various brands, including Lithonia Lighting®, Holophane®, Aculux®, A-Light™, American Electric Lighting®, Antique Street Lamps™, Atrius®, Cyclone™, DGLogik™, Distech Controls®, DTL®, eldoLED®, Eureka®, Gotham®, Healthcare Lighting®, Hydrel®, Indy™, IOTA®, Juno®, Lucid®, Luminaire LED™, Luminis®, Mark Architectural Lighting™, nLight®, Peerless®, RELOC® Wiring, ROAM®, Sensor Switch®, Sunoptics® and Winona® Lighting. Visit us

Distech Controls is a trademark of Distech Controls Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.



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